Hypervisor VI

· Capable of monitoring 32 patients, expandable to 64 patients with one Central Monitoring Station
· Multiple CMSs can be interlinked, and patients within one CMS can be viewed from any other CMS with proper authorization
· CMS viewer enables you to view patient information from a personal computer in your office, or anywhere within the network
· Clinical support tools include real-time trend display, tabular and graphic trend review and calculation tools
· Up to 72 hours of full disclosure waveforms over 256 channels, which can also be changed to 240 hours over 64 channels
· Screen layout and functionality can be customized according to your clinical requirements
· Bi-directional control improves the efficiency of care teams
· Dedicated HL7 data output to a hospital's Clinical Information System
· ADT interface makes patient admission, discharge and transfer more convenient

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