BeneVision? CMS

· Supported 3-layer network infrastructure and flexible combination of CentralStation, WorkStation and ViewStation makes you establish your own dedicated monitoring network which could accommodate as many as 1200 patient devices in single network
· Devices may be combination of wired, wireless, and telemetry transmitters on any station
· Both 19" TFT LCD and touchscreen display supported can present 16 patients simultaneously
· Each station can support up to four displays
· Supports up to 64 monitored beds per station
· Enables bi-directional communication with bedside monitors for enhanced patient care
· Supports all Mindray patient monitors including BeneVision N Series and TM80 Telemetry
· Supports up to 240 hours full disclosure waveforms
· Historical patient database enables data review for up to 20,000 discharged patients
· Documentation options include network printer and dual trace recorder
· Connectivity to ECG management systems for 12-lead ECG reports
· Connectivity to eGateway for centralized HL7 IHE PCD v2 export
· Clinical mobility supported with smartphone interface

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