Intuitive Flat Menu User Interface

Configured with a high resolution, intuitive, 15 inch display, users are able to view and configure parameters as required. The intuitive layout and simple flat-menu structure ensure all parameters are clearly displayed and only two steps required.

Complete Touch & Beyond

The revolutionary fully-touch and hard key-free control helps you to communicate with the anesthesia system like never before.
A back-up Touch Pad and mouse control enables easy control access for both standing and sitting position.

Easy FGF Adjusting

With the digital gas mixer, users could directly set the total flow and O2 percentage, or the flow of O2 and the balance gas respectively.
With the traditional easy to use knobs, users could set the FGF value by digital setting of adjusting the knobs.
A backup mechanical flowmeter with O2+AIR/N2O will be ejected in case the digital gas mixer fails to work.


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