Evolve for better care
Based in the vibrant city of Milan, the second-most populous city in Italy, Niguarda Hospital provides a wide range of medical services to the population within its extensive catchment area of 1213 beds, as well as serving as a university teaching center and coordination centre for clinical research where more than 500 studies are performed each year.
The hospital has been true to its motto of “respect of tradition, continuous evolution”, a perspective that has become increasingly important in Italy over the last decade, as hospitals across the country have moved towards accommodating acute cases. This means that Niguarda Hospital has had to change the way it works to provide greater intensity of care, with new equipment.

Is there a simple answer to all these? Caregivers at Niguarda Hospital have the answer. The BeneView Patient Monitoring solution has not only addressed their clinical needs with competence, but more importantly, it helps Niguarda Hospital evolve into a more modernized medical institution in an organizational way. As a prestigious hospital of major referral importance, Niguarda has valuable experience to share with the medical community in increasing competitiveness in today’s dynamic healthcare industry.

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