Better living quality for intensive care
Aiming to bring "Better Living in Intensive Care" for both patients and caregivers, the French Intensive Care Society issued guidelines to promote quality of life for ICU. As the largest premier reference and teaching hospital in France, CHU de Toulouse experimented with some of the most pioneering approaches to improve life in ICU. These include inviting musicians to play classical music in the care area every week to ease patients in and reduce caregiver burnout.

When asked about the one thing that improves life quality the most, caregivers at CHU de Toulouse told us: the use of modern monitoring technology.
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) de Toulouse is France's largest premier reference hospital with 14 medical centers and 2,880 beds. Being a national top ranking medical institution for 15 consecutive years, CHU de Toulouse maintains the highest clinical standards for the 230,000 inpatients and 660,000 consultations it receives every year.

As a holistic and professional clinical solution provider, Mindray envisions more with a comprehensive, integrated and sustainable perspective, and is dedicated to developing the most suitable solutions and services tailored to caregivers' specific needs. Today, Mindray solutions can be found in healthcare facilities in over 190 countries and regions, including some of the most prestigious teaching hospitals like CHU de Toulouse. The pursuit for customer satisfaction never ceases.

Special thanks to:
Dr. Beatrice Riu, Consultant, Intensive Care Unit
Mme. Carole Haubertin, Chief Nurse, Intensive Care Unit
M.Thomas Willemyns, Biomedical Engineer, Biomedical Division
CHU de Toulouse

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