Seamless monitoring, greater efficiency
UZ Leuven is one of Belgium's most renowned academic hospitals. Associated with the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, UZ Leuven has five campuses with 1995 beds and 8,800 employees. It was the first Belgium hospital with a Joint Commission International Quality Approval in 2010.
For a firsthand experience of UZ Leuven's clinical excellence, we take a tour into its busiest department - the ER.

The Emergency Department of UZ Leuven receives 55,000 patients per year, most of them in critical conditions. This requires clinicians to make quick diagnosis for the right treatment, in which every piece of patient information counts. What they need is far more than a heart rate or blood pressure, but some of the most advanced monitoring parameters. Let's find out what modern technology has brought for ER clinicians at UZ Leuven.

Being a transport hub in a hospital, the ER is connected to the ambulances, shock rooms and other in-hospital units like the ICU and General Ward. An efficient patient transport solution is necessary to ensure patient safety.

For this, Chief Nurse Peter Deboutte has the answer. "It is easy for all the nurses that the same T1 monitor can go in all the departments." said Nurse Deboutte.
With a 5” touchscreen, BeneView T1 is both an independent compact patient monitor as well as a plug-in module that can be connected with a BeneView host monitor such as the T5. The same T1 remains with the patients throughout their stay in hospital even when they are being moved across departments and different levels of care intensity.
"We don’t have to alter the system to another transport monitoring system because we are just taking the small T1, put it on the bed and we can click it in, for instance, in the radiology room where we’ve got a large monitoring system again. It saves a lot of time." said Professor Verelst.

The BeneView system provides UZ Leuven with improvements to patient safety and increased efficiency for both the doctors and the nursing staff, making them feel more confident in their daily work.

Special thanks to:
Professor Sandra Verelst, Consultant, Emergency Department
Peter Deboutte, Chief Nurse, Emergency Department
Gwen Pollaris, Paramedic, Emergency Department
UZ Leuven

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