A Younger Force Coping with Aging Challenges
Sitting on the coastline of northeast England, Sunderland is an important port city with a population of over 275,000. Since 2016, residents aged 65 and above in Sunderland have surpassed those of the younger generation.
Wandering around the city, ambulance sirens can be heard frequently, a reminder that Sunderland is faced with the increasing challenges of an aging population and the complex new demands on medical treatments – just like many other mid-sized cities in the UK.

As the largest and most prestigious local hospital, Sunderland Royal Hospital has been providing a substantial range of specialized service to around 860,000 people, many of whom are from outside of the Sunderland area, for decades. But now the demand is rapidly expanding. Hospital staff are struggling to handle the heavy workload and the shortage of rooms and medical resources due to the increasing number of older patients.
Although they try to remain organized and dynamic as they have always been, the increased demand necessitated a more innovative and efficient approach.

Sunderland Royal Hospital first cooperated with Mindray in 2011, when many industries were beginning to embrace the bright future of a "Smart World".

As the technical lead of the hospital, Dr. Paul McAndrew realized that they need more than a device with advanced functionality. They need it to be intelligent too, to catch up to the young and fast-moving trends, and to secure the best possible outcome of their state-of-the-art ICCU.

This idea then inspired BeneVision N Series in many aspects, particularly in the development of the Clinical Assistive Applications (CAA), a series of intelligent built-in tools that can automatically visualize complex clinical data into simple view.

The change in colors by HemoSight shows the change of ScvO2 and SvO2.

SepsisSight gives a therapeutic decision model based on data analysis.

For example, HemoSight is designed for illustrating hemodynamic parameters. And the SepsisSight can help identify the early symptoms of sepsis. Other applications such as ST Graphic, BoA Dashboard and Early Warning Score (EWS) are all designed to respectively target different departments, ranging from ICU to OR, ER and Coronary Care Unit.

Remarkably, the applications are even able to suggest a therapeutic decision model based on intelligent data analysis over related parameters. By referring to the model suggested, clinicians can make confident clinical decisions in a highly efficient way, thus saving more time for patient care.

Satisfying the needs for intelligence and efficiency, BeneVision N22 offers Sunderland Royal Hospital the key to a smarter medical world. Now, the hospital is looking into a brighter future where this long-standing partnership with Mindray will continue and bring more intelligent and younger technological power that will reshape the prospect of healthcare.
Special thanks to:
Dr. Paul McAndrew, Consultant in Anesthetics & Intensive Care Medicine, Sunderland Royal Hospital
Dave McNicholas, ICCU Manager, Sunderland Royal Hospital

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